Photo: Gerald Van der Leun, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

It’s Not About the Polar Bears: Stop diminishing the impacts of climate change

If I see one more polar bear, I’m going to scream.  It feels like whenever people think of climate change, they think of this: [Scream].  Even conservationists can’t stop talking about the damn polar bear.  Yesterday, Friends of the Earth tweeted this: To slow #climatechange we must limit burning fossil fuels. #SaveTheArctic #KeepItInTheGround:… Read more »

Photo: Akuppa John Wiggam, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Individuals and Climate Change Part III: Life isn’t fair (and neither is climate change)

The more I think about why individuals don’t do more in the face of climate change, the more I think that most of us do understand that climate change is driven by energy use and consumption, which can be traced to, and influenced by, our individual choices.  I think we even know deep down that it’s… Read more »

Photo: James Cridland, Flickr

Individuals and Climate Change Part II: You can’t expect people to change

In my last post, I argued that individual actions and decisions can make a difference when it comes to climate change, and other environmental problems.  But only if lots of people take part.  The question is: is it really realistic to expect enough people to make this kind of change in their lifestyle and behavior? … Read more »

Individuals and Climate Change Part I: Nothing I do can make a difference

When I talk to people about climate change and particularly about what we can do about it, one of the most common responses I get is that we can’t do anything — climate change has to be solved at the state/national/global level, by governments and politicians, maybe big business.  Certainly not us. Now, I am… Read more »